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DFFL History
1995 - Present
Back in 1994, six 'wanna-be' owners decided to play out their fantasies.  They were Jerry, Mike, Ron, Sam, Thomas and Tom.  Thomas was forced into commissionership and still is.  We set up rules and all.  We play 2 games in 1 game.  General Point System (GPS) is to count the best of two players of each category and count altogether to determine the winner.  Another game is called Match Up.  We have a formatted schedule where each owner will play other at least twice throughout the 12 week play.  At the end of the 12th week, we will have 1-6th place based on win-loss-tie records.  We begin our Match Up Playoff on the 14th week and climaxely, we have our very own DFFL Super Bowl.  The GPS would continue to the end of NFL regular season (17th week). 

The results of Champions for each of the two games, GPS and Match-Up, for the past 3 seasons. 

General Point System Champions
Match Up Champions
1995 - Sam 1995 - Thomas
1996 - Thomas 1996 - Jerry
1997 - Mike 1997 - Harvey and Sam (tied at 100)
1998 - ??? 1998 - ???